Carrie Bowers & Heather Rose Pearson


Jarod Jacobs


 Tracy Hulleman


 Melissa Rinehimer

Denise Castañon

​Inclusion Committee Lead:

Sheryl Moren

Family Engagement Coordinator:

Nicole Irish

Fundraising Coordinator:

 Melissa Olin

Garden Club: 

Sondra Blair

Teacher Appreciation &

Emergency Preparedness:
Erin Miner Frank


Alyson Kraus & Melissa Sircy  


Arleta PTA

​What is the PTA? Simple answer is, YOU ARE! The Arleta Parent Teacher Association is for anyone and everyone - parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, neighbors, friends - who have an interest in supporting our school. We are dedicated to supporting the students, teachers and community at Arleta School through volunteerism, outreach, fundraising, and advocacy. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. The PTA invites the many different skills, creative talents and brave ideas you can bring to enhance Arleta. The following are just some of the ways we are involved at Arleta:

Learn more about our board members here

> Celebrate our teachers & staff 

> Raise funds for activities and school improvements that enrich our students' school experiences 

> Our Educator Grant Program puts thousands of dollars directly into classrooms. Check out all the great books and art supplies that were purchased with a PTA grant in 2021. 
> Coordinate with staff and community on family-led projects (landscaping/garden activities, art & school beautification)

> Coordinate Arleta family events - this year we will focus on virtual activities that celebrate cultural holiday