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Arleta PTA

President, Chelsea Dore: chelsea.a.dore@gmail.com

Vice-President, Allison Vasquez: alasunis@gmail.com

Secretary, Heather Pearson: heatherrose.pearson@gmail.com

Treasurer, Kristy Olsen: krijkee@gmail.com

Fundraising Co-coordinators, Franny Thompson: frannypta@gmail.com &

                                                Andy Brown: epicfail8@gmail.com

Garden Committee Representative,  TBD

Member-at-Large: Jessica McArthur: jacmcarthur@comcast.net

Volunteer Coordinator: Renee Takara: rtakara@yahoo.com

Communications & Grant Writing, Melissa Sircy: melissasircy@gmail.com &

                                                       Denise Castanon: denisecastanon@yahoo.com

*2017/18 graphics generously created by Lee Meredith.

Arleta PTA is the Arleta parent-teacher group dedicated to supporting the children, teachers and community at Arleta School through volunteerism, outreach, fundraising, and advocacy. All families are welcome and encouraged to participate. The following are just some of the ways we are involved at Arleta:

* Utilizing the strengths of our school and community to support Arleta teachers and staff.

* Helping to raise funds for field trips, school activities, and school improvements that enrich our children's lives through our fundraising events such as our auction, Holiday Bazaar and other fun events throughout the year. We also celebrate our teachers by providing a special Teacher Appreciation each month.

* Our Teacher Grant Program puts over thousands of dollars directly into classrooms, in the form of grants for each teacher up to $100 for their classrooms to start the school year.

* Coordinating with staff and community on parent-led projects (landscaping/garden activities, Depave playground improvement project, increasing STEAM at Arleta).

* Working towards the development of sustainable practices at Arleta (milk carton recycling, Box Top collection, native plantings)

* Coordinating volunteers at school activities.

* Coordinating Arleta family events (Halloween Dance, Holiday Bazaar, End of Year Family Picnic)